How It Works

Hooked! is a mobile app that uses your phone's camera to identify & weigh your catch, store it into your Catch Log, and share to your friends.

Identify & Weigh

Identify & Weigh

Figures out what the hell you just caught and how heavy it is.



Stores the fish and where you caught it into your Catch Log.



Brag to your buddies about how awesome you are at fishing.


Lucas Li


Lucas is a UCLA English grad, a fish or die kinda guy, and is on a mission to bring truth to fishing.

Peter Urfer


Peter is a design man who creates stuff. And no, that's a MFA diploma in his pocket.

Marie Chauvin


Digital marketing expert, world traveler and avid tea drinker. Marie graduated from Strathclyde in Glasgow with a Master in International Marketing

Pierre-Yves Chauvin


Pierre is a math whiz and code-ninja wrapped in breaded beer batter. He has a MSc in Mathematics and Finance from the Imperial College London

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