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Read up on our development on Hooked Fishing App. We’ll be posting technological updates and fishing related topics that the average angler cares about.

Prototyping the Hooked fishing app

Prototyping the Hooked fishing app

We've started wire-framing the concept first on paper and then on photoshop. Our goal for beta and 1.0 is to nail the image recognition and distance analysis to give an accurate weight. The MVP will o...Read More »

In the beginning

Where the idea came from

My buddies have sent me tons of fish pics and I always ask, "how big was it." I'm not talking about inches, but weight. And guess what, these guys are either too lazy to bring a scale on the boat or their fishing the shores and going light. This is where the Hooked idea came from. You take the exif data from your camera phone, process it with image recognition, and apply it to a correlation analysis from tons of fish that you've manually weighed and catalogued. What you get is a pretty damn close weight of the fish.

Why we made Hooked Fishing App

There is a strong generalization that fishermen are liars. They always exaggerate their catches and flame wars start on fish pics when a weight isn't included in the pics. We want to bring truth in fishing to give credibility back you your catches!

And away we go

That's how we got started. We hope you'll follow us on our goal of being your pocket fishing necessity.

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