Fishing Quote: Fine line between fishing and idiots

I've never felt like an idiot while fishing, but I'm sure others have looked at me like one. There is a time in everyone angler's life where he starts the ancient tradition of catching fish on hook and line. Mine started with 6 friends, sitting in foldable camp chairs, on the shore looking like drunk idiots. This quote commemorates that moment, and all the stupid moments that anglers around the world have contributed to.

The Quote

There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.
Steven Wright

Graphic of difference between fishing and standing by the shore looking like an idiot quote by Steven Wright

My idiot moment

A long, long time ago, I had the great idea to try my hand at fishing. How hard could it be? Buy a rod and reel combo from Walmart, tie on a hook, put some bait on it, and keep the grill hot for all the fish that were gonna leap out of the water and onto it. So I rounded up a few friends, and in the blazing heat of mid June, we went out to do some trout fishing.

First we laid everything out: camp chairs, grill, rods and reels, and the cooler of beer. Next we tied on some Carolina rigs with three overhand knots to keep the fish on the hook in case one bit. Throw on some Powerbait Dough and cast that mother out!

What happens first in these situations is nothing. You wait, and nothing bites. Nothing happens at except beer cans getting lighter. So you undoubtedly reel back your bait to see what happened. With our trusty triple overhand knots, we lost quite a bit of hooks to weeds and whatever else was on the bottom that day. Several pubey leader-ends were reeled back in. A lesson was learned: tie good knots.

Eventually, something miraculous may happen. A fish took a bait and off went one of my buddies. He jumps out of his chair and starts reeling like a mad man. The thing is, he's not taking in any line. The Walmart combo or some other curse of the fishing gods had left his drag just about completely loose. So what does he do? What does anyone do in these situation?

He runs.

Up the hill while reeling. He runs and reels and goes damn near to his car. An older fellow, who's already caught 3 trout, yells to us "why don't you get in your car and start driving." We are too fired up to even respond. It's just reel and run!

Quickly, we get the feeling like this isn't going to work out. So like what real men do, we hand-line that baby in. And this is what an idiot looks like when he catches his first fish.
Guy jumping away scared of a trout.

Rewards of our struggles

With our one catch, it was time to first up the grill. The older fella who was giving us shit earlier was kind enough to donate his catches to us so that we could get a proper meal. He said he didn't need them since his freezer was full anyway... Fisherman are great guys!
cooked trout with some magic pink seasoning

The idiots that day

We looked pretty dumb that day. Looking back at my fishing life, I looked plenty dumb on numerous occasions. I actually went back to that lake to do the same tactics, including pubey leader-ends, and actually got my own trout a couple weeks later. It wasn't until later that I hooked up with a badass fisherman who taught me the ropes.

The thing is, we had a great time that day. I think it would have been different if nobody caught a fish, but we had that one and it gave us plenty of action between the seven of us. Fishing is supposed to be fun, and idiots tend to have plenty of it.

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